How Public Speaking Boosted My Confidence

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Positive Vibes Club Youth Member Kudakwashe Chimbizi talks about her journey through public speaking. Kuda is a member of the Debating Club at West Houghton High School which made it to the Rotary District 1285 Final held at Forest Hills Hotel in Frodsham

♦️How did you get into Public Speaking?

I got into public speaking through a program that my school had and we would rehearse and practice after school.

♦️How did you prepare?

I prepared by watching public speaking movies and by researching different techniques that could help my performance. 

♦️How did you go about researching your material?

Me and my teammates would gather after school and research information and statistics that related to our topic; we would also read news columns and articles about our topic.

♦️What did you learn from the whole process?

From the whole process I learnt if you put your mind to something and really focus you can achieve anything; I also learnt that confidence is key.

♦️Any message to young people your age?

Remember to always be confident; stay true to yourself and you’ll be able to achieve anything you put your mind to.

♦️How did you feel when you lost in the final?

When we lost I felt disappointed but grateful and proud that i was able to reach that point in the competition especially because it was my first time.

Proud Winner
Positive Vibes Coordinator Mac with member Kuda Chimbizi



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